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Mother Elvira's message

It is important to think of Our Lady as a woman who is genuine and transparent, and has nothing to hide. In the Comunity we have proposed the Truth: to say and be told the Truth. I think Our Lady gives us this example: she is the genuine woman, free and transparent who can speak and speak to everybody. She is a girl, she was a girl like us: she did not know that she was chosen by God our Father and who knows how she lived this; we imagin Our Lady always praying, but it’s nice sometimes to imagin her preparing the meals for Joesph, feeding baby Jesus and holding Him in Her arms.
Good day my life!
We must wake up in the morning saying to ourselves : "Good morning, my life ." If we are not the first to love our lives why should the others do it? We need to contemplate our life every day in its novelty because life is dynamism , life is God who creates and re-creates every day new things inside and outside of us! We are never surprised enough , nor ever think of the fact that every day there is Someone who raises the light ... we do not realize it , and so we become trivial , giving for granted that we wake up, have good health, think, love , have the strength to smile ... But God continues to trust us because He is interested in us , loves us and builds a future that is new every moment !
He who loses his life will find it again
The old year is just over and we are ready to live a real novelty , so we must no longer be the same as yesterday! Woe to us if we don’t take the love of God seriously.. we are the world for His sake , and we can live a full and true life , without compromise , but we must also be able to suffer a bit ' , if not good does not win and life fades. Jesus told us : "He who loses his life will find it again"! !Let’s try to donate , even just a smile , but with a clean heart , without seeking reward , so we will begin to enjoy a new quality of life.
Holiness is your life
Holiness is your life , lived in truth : simple, clean, joyful . Holiness is experiencing a force that you've never had before in making a concrete step in life , how to have the courage to be reconciled , to ask for forgiveness. Holiness is the balance between live think, say and do : achieve this profound unity of you, wanting to be free from everything, even from yourself and from your ups and downs in mood.
The mission means coming out of ourselves.
The mission is a journey, it means coming out of ourselves. That's why we are all called to be missionaries, and we should not pretend to go to distant countries if we want to stay on ourselves, locked in our thoughts, memories, desires: we would be locked and we would only do things with the body, with the hands and feet... with what we have, but not with who we are! The mission instead is your being that is given , which no longer thinks of himself, who is interested, body and soul, in the need of love, hope and peace of the others.
Love, is the most beautiful invention of God
We have received a great gift from God : He has called us to experience the joy of communicating love. Nothing comes from us, it's a great gift, it is a free reward that comes from Him , it is not hardness but rest, it is not sorrow but joy, not fatigue but strength. Our love must be an embodied Love so as it was for Jesus ; who knows how many people looked at Jesus with bright, clean eyes, to help, to uplift, to comfort! If we love Jesus, sooner or later that fire comes from all sides and the people watching us are converted.
I realize more and more that today the youth want to meet with the truth, they want to know the true life, without fear; there are courageous people that risk only because that have a need to see with their eyes, with all their being, that the Gospel is not an illusion, not a fantasy, and not only a doctrine… but that it is life, a full life. I believe that the youth are giving us a strong lesson of courage and the determination to want good. To carry away and involve those that choose to believe in them. And we believe they take these proposals seriously and demanding.
As the Festival of Life ends, there’s only one, simple but sincere word that comes from our heart: THANK YOU!
THANKS be to God who blessed us with good weather, who sustained us with His Providence, protected us from danger and among the many people who arrived from different countries, helped us to create unity and to feel like one big family...
"We are preparing ourselves for the Community’s birthday that for years we have “baptized” with the name “Festival of Life.” They are four days of joy in the Lord for celebrating life the life of many young people and families that have a name and a face and that have rediscovered the true sense of their existence here! I would like to be able to say to each one of you, “Take your life in your hands and realize that it is a precious, important, and rare gift...
Being genuine does not always come naturally; we must want it because sometimes we are like the Pharisees, and we live falsely. So then we must find the source of genuineness, of truth, of transparency, and of that fountain of life that one finds “in the heart.” God is the Heart. His heart is in us, and we live in Him...
Mary, woman of faith
We are still here in order to be sure that our faith is life! Think of how many times Our Lady has appeared in these centuries so that we could believe more profoundly in the strength of faith. Because it is faith that gives us strength, security, and peace; faith is our great wealth, and Our Lady lived by faith, She lived only by the strength of faith...
This is the hope of Easter that we walk towards Him and are never satisfied untill we have arrived. We must look ahead he who stops will be lost. If we say “enough,” we will die; if we stop walking, we fall behind. Let us go forward with the desire and will to meet Jesus who is the real answer to our questions, our “why?”. He is the answer, and we have no need to look elsewhere...
Peter is alive!
Peter remained as the Pope. He who has not yet profoundly encountered the Holy Father at least once cannot understand the luminous mystery of the living presence that exists in him. So go, look the Holy Father in the eyes; you will see that Peter is alive in him because, becoming closer to him, you will feel the tenderness of God and the beauty of a remaining presence that gives you safety. You will feel a dimension that does not exist on this Earth and that does not represent only a historical moment; there is something else that goes beyond what you see and someone else that lives in that person that you are encountering-it’s Peter that continues to guide us to the encounter with the Teacher...
Yes, love generates love, and today there is an immense need of people able to give birth to hope through love. There is a need for new families. If the family is reborn and parents are genuinely converted, the children will be saved. The Lord calls us to this challenge, for our future and that of our children depends upon it...
Faith wins!
Faith is Someone within us who is stronger than our disappointments, stronger than every closed door. The Blessed Mother carried this presence inside her, within her womb. In her, faith was incarnate. It was the life of that Child whom she pro- tected and by whom she felt protected. Faith is something to take care of, which at the same time takes care of us!
Faith, nutrient for our lives
We learn a little bit at a time, by speaking, listening, working, studying… in everything that we live each day, to make our faith real. In every situation in which we find ourselves we should repeat in our hearts: I believe in God! If we learn to lean on Him, if we entrust ourselves to Him, we will be better people, more joyful and alot more able to love each other. We need to know how to live the strength of faith, the light of faith and the joy of faith...
Go to everyone, without making differences
It’s been for a while now that, as a Community, we feel the urgent need to announce and testify the live presence of Jesus among us.
One more time, infront of hungry crowds who are searching for Him and who want to listen to Him, He asks us, like He asked the apostles, to nourish them, to give ourselves to them, broken like bread on the table of this world which is suffering hunger for hope, peace and joy...
To lay down one’s life for one’s friends
The term “friends” refers to something more than just a brother or sister. In fact, Jesus, when he wanted to tell his apostles that he truly loves them, that he trusts in them, that he feels that they are “his”, says to them, “I called you friends because everything that I heard from my Father I have made it known to you”...
Love for life reborn
In our human relationships, we have this longing for greatness in our hearts. What every one of us is looking for is true friendship, great friendship. "It's not good that a man should be alone" (GEN 2,18). The Lord himself, created us with the nostalgia of communion and of friendship among us.
Happy Easter!
Both yesterday and today the world awaits the Paschal annunciation of hope and the joy of knowing that death is defeated forever, that a Man has freely given Himself and paid the ransom for us all. God waits for our “yes” today, so that the echo of this announcement can reach everyone, rich and poor, professors and illiterate, the good and the bad, men, women, children...
Dearest friends,
I was very touched by the Holy Father’s message for Lent. It’s a great help for us in the Community that this year we would like to learn to live the immense gift that is true friendship, with God and also among us. So we come to you all with a lot of joy, to wish you all a good Lenten walk made of many of our small commitments, but also of many surprises that the Lord never stops giving us: it’s up to us to keep an open and and welcoming heart!

What everyone of us is looking for is true friendship: truth, honesty and love.
The Lord himself has given us the nostalgia of communion and friendship among us; He has put in us the nostalgia of good, of understanding, how knowing how to love, forgive and to start again with joy.

So we learn from our youth that our true wellbeing, our happiness isn’t that which makes us exhalt, but it’s to be brothers and sisters, friends, without ambitions to get to who knows where, but alone!
Holiness is a path, is a dynamic existence which brings concrete fruits. Holiness becomes love, commitment, you lose your life to let other people know God’s love. Holiness is not an abstract concept, bit is a real meeting with Jesus, which becomes serving hands, running feet, sighted eyes, giving body and blood: it is worth living that way, because it is not only you that lives but it’s Christ’s life that resides in you and gives itself to others.
Cheer up! Let’s try hard, do not waste our time: if you really want to know who you are and know all gifts you have sit in front of the Eucharist and you’ll discover everything.

Eucharist, God's great gift to humanity!
We would all love to receive mail, we all would like to receive a letter. Well, God knows our longing to be loved, to be remembered, our desire to enter the mystery of life, the life that sometimes gives us so many problems. God knows, then He has pledged to send a "letter" every day! Let's remember, the Word of God is the "letter" of His love and He sends it every day.
Woe to us if we got used to it,we would lose the flavor of life and everything else, including the beauty of human relationships: the others will never be able to fill our thirst for love!
Risen Jesus is waiting for us!
Let’s celebrate because Jesus’ Resurrection is the great feast of life. Without His victory on death we would have never met, we would not be here. Easter Vigil is the greatest, most  joyful, brightest night of our life and of all time, the highest moment in history :Jesus leaves the grave, His life wins over death and sin! The youth in our Community really wish to sing, dance ,be happy and  celebrate life even  in the labour of their walk towards light: maybe they do not know why yet, but they have guessed something , they have seen something already!
We are walking towards Easter, towards the heart of our faith: Jesus died and rose again for us.  Let us get on our knees before the Cross and bow down before him asking for the gift of a compassionate heart, able to be moved before the Love of a God who has given everything for us. Let us be moved before Jesus as He is moved by us: when we suffer,when we have trouble, pain, anxiety, fear, He looks forward to taking it all upon Himself.
Lent is the special time that draws us towards the heart of our Christian faith, the moment of our salvation: the Easter Triduum of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection. Lent is also the act of immersing ourselves in the universal suffering that Jesus suffered, in the pain that He embraced as He loved. In this way, has become the instrument of salvation for all of humanity.
That's a gift from Him who has created us:let's just open the door to Him; we must welcome, we must say:"Yes,so be it".And when we are full of love ,we are also brimful with happyness and we die for giving joy to everybody, for "rolling up our sleeves" and serving life.
I am always more convinced that God is the only source of life.  We are born from this source of Light.  Even if we are unaware, the embrace of God’s love envelops our lives; God breathes within us with each breath we take.
The encounter with God today is revealed in the “fullness” of time through the Father's Word.  Jesus of Nazareth reveals to us that our life is loved by God. 
Mother Elvira's message
Dear Friends of Comunità Cenacolo,
I am here with you to live
the greatest event in history:
the birth of Jesus!
Jesus is born today to tell each one of us,
about His love, His mercy, His forgiveness.
Saintity belongs to the heart of a Christian, it helps us, it’s our uniform, our full realization: it’s the way of Love in the simplicity of a life that has discovered its fullness.The Saints lead our way through life and teach us that if life is not given by God it is wasted.They witness that there is more joy in giving than in receiving, that Jesus is the true sense of life.
Being true missionaries above all means “imitating” Jesus. The true, great missionary of the Father was Jesus:  He sacrificed himself; he left his divine nature and dressed himself in our poor human nature suffering exactly like us with fatigue, hunger, persecution, humiliation… First we must believe that the source of Love and Life is Jesus of Nazareth. 
He gave himself for us and he did it with liberty, joy, courage, and a lot of love.
I have understood that in life love is everything, is always, is ,whatever happens. Even when we have many problems, when we experience the “burden “of our weakness, we must let love live inside of us, outside of us, around us. We are the children of a Father who is the source of love: God is love!
I believe in God the Father, I believe in Jesus Christ, and I believe in the Holy Spirit... These are words that tell the truth of our lives, our faith: drawing our strength from Someone else, trusting to Him who we have experienced can give us a serenity born out of the certainty of always being wanted by the Creator Father, regenerated continuously and redeemed by the Savior Son, and embraced and accompanied every day by the Holy Spirit of Love.
We are immersed in the Holy Spirit which daily hugs the time of our life. The Creator Spirit renovates and makes new everything every day, and today we are that new creation. God desires to enter the roots of our story, the seasons of our past and often wounded life, because the true experience of Him becomes the germ of a new creation, the perpetual spring of the heart.
This year, the month of May should blossom, giving novelty to each day, transforming our lives (just like things change in nature) into something beautiful, something joyous.  Each day should spring forth a new flower that is more beautiful, more stupendous, more scented than the day before.  Let us try to pray the rosary with our heart
Life is beautiful and I am really happy to live it.
Before  all I wish to thank my mother and my father,because they let me live and then I thank everybody because I am not alone:around me there is the precious life of so many people....we are so many to have been created and loved!
I would like you to realize that we must welcome life, welcome it and be happy of it.
The Community wishes to be a sign of hope in the world, among the families, in man’s heart.
The seed of hope is in each of us : we wish a better future, healing, good health, peace: particularly now, at the beginning of a new year, we feel in our hearts the wish of a better future. The new year calls for a fresh start and  we are really experiencing that true hope doesn’t only mean something: it is Someone.The Father came towards us revealing His face through the Son and our hope strikes its roots in Him
Father God offers each and every one of us the life of Jesus His Son. No other gift exists in this world that can fill the heart of all who seek Him with a sincere heart. Only if we find Him can we discover, welcome, value, and love the gift of our own life.

May every day of the rest of your
life be a Blessed Christmas!
We are born from Love and we are made to love, to be compassionate, tender, peaceful, good willed...
This is how we are: we carry within us the fragility of sin but also the beauty of being God’s children; within our poor hearts there is a little bit of God our Father’s heart, kindness, and mercy.
I am always more amazed by the face of the Church, our Mother, which reinvigorates us in faith and hope, which sustains us and gives confirmation.
I feel that I am more in love with and grateful to the Church for what it is: a fortress of ideals, a light that illuminates the path and the choices of every man, a service to the poorest of the poor, broken bread for those who suffer, a refuge for all.
You already know who we are: we are a Community of “public sinners,” people who have publicly made mistakes in the past living in evil, but we are also a Community that announces the strength of God’s Mercy: we know that God’s love and Mercy surrounds us each day, rebuilding within us a new person.  I would like to embrace each one of you one by one, I would like that everyone is joyful, and in peace which only comes from an encounter with God...
We are preparing for the Community’s birthday that for years now, we have “baptized” with the name: “the Festival of Life.”  It is four days of rejoicing in the Lord,   celebrating life, not just life in general, but your own life, the lives of many young people and their families that have a name and a face. They have found the true meaning of their existence!  I would like to tell each one of you: “Take your life into your own hands and realize that it is a precious, important, and unique gift.  Rediscover the joy of living, the beauty of giving life!”