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"We are preparing ourselves for the Community’s birthday that for years we have “baptized” with the name “Festival of Life.” 
They are four days of joy in the Lord for celebrating life the life of many young people and families that have a name and a face and that have rediscovered the true sense of their existence here! I would like to be able to say to each one of you, “Take your life in your hands and realize that it is a precious, important, and rare gift. Rediscover the joy of living, the beauty of giving your life!” On this hill in Saluzzo, where God wanted the Community to be born, there are thirty years of crosses, pain, blood, loss, struggle, and daily battles for life, re-found joy, living hope, and resurrection. The Community Cenacolo is the festival of life that is reborn: the festival of good creation that, even though it fell in sin, becoming confusion, anger, tears, revenge, darkness… through the Mercy of God, it becomes once again a smile, joy, and light! 
That light that we have today in our eyes is born from the encounter with the truth that makes us free inside. For thirty years we, Community Cenacolo, celebrate that God “a lover of life” has worked and continues to work this miracle.
The Virgin Mary, “Blessed because She believed,” will be with us; and in Her gentle maternity, she will celebrate our life. We await you… with lots of joy!”
                                                                                     Mother Elvira

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