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We are born from Love and we are made to love, to be compassionate, tender, peaceful, good willed...
This is how we are: we carry within us the fragility of sin but also the beauty of being God’s children; within our poor hearts there is a little bit of God our Father’s heart, kindness, and mercy.
Everything within and around us would change if we start to live our true identity, if we develop who we really are.   We often changed throughout the course of our lives because we looked at others, yet we never looked within ourselves to realize that we were good, that we were generous, and that we love life.  These things are true but we often say: Can I really be good.  Can I forgive?  Yes, you can, you can do it because God’s presence is within you.  We have to get rid of our old ways; we must have the courage to live the truth of life and not the falsity of material things: your life is important; your life will bring you a lot of satisfaction and incredibile joys if you learn to give it to others.
How nice it is to be able to serve: our Community is a school of life that renews us because we are not always the same every day and we must learn to listen to the voice of our lives, so that each day is new.  The Holy Spirit continuously creates; there is a prayer that says “Holy Spirit, renew the face of the earth!” 
We must be careful to know how to accept the daily passage of the Spirit; every day is a new day, it is a live day, with new colors, like one of our songs it titled “Redress yourself with light,” born in the heart of a young man who was here with us, who knew how to put into music the words that come within us if we open ourselves with truth during an encounter with God the Father.
We are capable of loving and it is nice to love, without expecting or demanding that others will love us; no, you must be the first to love, forgive, encourage, serve, and then you will feel like a man who is free, new, and fulfilled.  The Saints testify that if even life passes by, the Love with which one has lived rests for ever as a tangible sign, as a living memory of an encounter capable of transforming life and making it a beam of light for everyone’s path.

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