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Dearest friends,
I was very touched by the Holy Fatherís message for Lent. Itís a great help for us in the Community that this year we would like to learn to live the immense gift that is true friendship, with God and also among us. So we come to you all with a lot of joy, to wish you all a good Lenten walk made of many of our small commitments, but also of many surprises that the Lord never stops giving us: itís up to us to keep an open and and welcoming heart!
So letís live this Lent well: every year the Church directs us in this path of death and of resurrection, of meeting with the splendor of the resurrection of Jesus, passing His walk of pain and death for love. The Crucifix, the Shroud is Jesus, tortured, humiliated, left by our wickedness with a bruised faceÖ staying there, in front of him, we become better, more merciful, more silent, more loving. This year, letís try to do Lent like this: walking to look inside of us. The problem is inside of us, not outside, and the Crucifix is the truth. So letís try to be united among us, ďto give our attention to each otherĒ, like the Pope indicated to us, to overcome all of the temptations of evil that always wants to make a division between us and destroy life. Letís take time, in this special time of our life of faith, to contemplate more intensely the Crucifix, to deeply understand Godís immense love, that for us was born, died and risen in Jesus. Above all, when the weights of life are heaviest for us and weíre tempted to be discouraged, to be taken by evil, letís stay in front of the Crucifix: only there weíll find peace of mind and His peace will heal us from malice that that many times have wounded us in our past. Only there, in His silence, Jesus will teach us to stay in silence and we will understand the real meaning of love, that has the power to turn our daily crosses into faith and new life. So letís make the effort to live this step of listening to Jesus! He speaks to our inner life: He touches us, He heals us, He makes us grow and become more mature. We only need to fix our glance on He who, from the cross, continues in silence to love and to forgive, to give us strength to change. That the Lord of Life, together with His and our Mother Mary, gives us a lot of joy and peace in this Lenten time and that the Light of His Resurrection guide and sustain our steps towards the meeting with Him.

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