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As the Festival of Life ends, there’s only one, simple but sincere word that comes from our heart: THANK YOU!
THANKS be to God who blessed us with good weather, who sustained us with His Providence, protected us from danger and among the many people who arrived from different countries, helped us to create unity and to feel like one big family.
THANK YOU to the members of the Church who were here with us: to Bishop Mons. Robert Baker from Birmingham (USA), to Mons. Antal Majenk from Mukacevo (Ukraine) and to Mons. Giuseppe Guerrini from Saluzzo;
THANK YOU to many priests who came from various countries and heard confessions uninterruptedly for days and who shared their intense prayer in these days with their calm presence;
THANK YOU to all of you who came from different countries to celebrate here on the hill, together with Mother Elvira and with all of us, God’s Mercy that has been showered upon us over the last thirty years;
THANK YOU to the team of volunteers, the true “Guardian Angels” of this Festival: parents, young people, friends and acquaintances who uninterruptedly and happily served the numerous crowd that was here during the days of the Festival.
THANK YOU to all of those who from their houses, missions, communities… prayed for us during these days, allowing God’s Grace to touch, heal and bring hope to many hearts.
THANK YOU to the Virgin Mary, Mother of Cenacolo, for her silent but lively presence during the Festival, for her intercession, her smile and for the motherly embrace that she had for us all.
THANKS be to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit… for now and for always!!!

Mother Elvira and the Cenacolo Community

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