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Love for life reborn


The life of man searches in the reality in which it lives something great, something true, something nice and something clean. Also in our human relationships, we have this longing for greatness in our hearts.
What every one of us is looking for is true friendship, great friendship. "It's not good that a man should be alone" (GEN 2,18). The Lord himself, created us with the nostalgia of communion and of friendship among us. He has put in us a deep desire if good, of understanding, of knowing how to love, to forgive, to start again with joy and to walk together. A beautiful and true life is realized in the smallest things. Our boys and girls are happy because they discover themselves able to obey the voice of their hearts in the simple situations of every day.
Every one of us has received this huge gift of our conscience, that tells us the truth, shows us the way to goodness, that it's the path which will give us joy. And also when we're not so good, we can make it better, because also there, our conscience tells us what todo: "Ask forgiveness!" Everyone makes mistakes, it's only natural, but we don't need to keep a long face, feel anger or want revenge. In the forgiveness given and received from the heart, these walls generated by evil to divide us, collapse. Our Community is one in which, we wish each other well, and we do this through sharing our "POVERTIES", because we all make mistakes and no one of ushers the authority to point the finger. When we come to Community we make our "POVERTIES" known, we don't look at who is the best, who is the most intelligent, or who works the most…but we make known what humiliates us, our mistakes, our failings, our "crosses" and we leave God to relieve us, to forgive us, to unite us, by making us his family. How many betrayals our youth have lived, how many hidden tears they've cried: It's there that their fears where born, their silence, their loneliness, their shyness and their closure. But this build up of interior ruins can find order, life, strength and harmony again. To make these young people, who are lost in this deep sadness, happy again, we need to introduce them to what they are reality searching for: peace in their hearts, truth without any  "mask", strength to live in goodness, humility, patience, learning to love… in a few simple words: the christian life.
Our youth in the Community experiment daily what is hard work, God's mercy, love, true friendship among them, respect. They got to know each other and to help each other, one gave his hand to the other, they sustained each other. They discovered that life isn't just the sadness they lived yesterday; now they're boys and girls who have risen again, and are able to give good without wanting anything in return, young who correct each other in the truth, who live the anxiety not to leave the other to fail, to fight at all costs so that the other won't fall back into the darkness of their past. All of this is friendship! And thanks to this walk, lived sometimes without even thinking, the love for life is reborn.
Learning to give our lives to the others, God gives us a renewed love for our life. Our youth teach us that the joy which we are searching for, isn't what lifts us up, or what makes us great to the eyes of the world, but it's to be brothers and sisters in a walk together, loyal friends without the ambition to be higher or to get to who knows where only to discover that to be up there alone their sad.
True happiness is made of small, simple gestures of everyday life that make our heart feel good and that create true communion.



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