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We are immersed in the Holy Spirit which daily hugs the time of our life. The Creator Spirit renovates and makes new everything every day, and today we are that new creation. God desires to enter the roots of our story, the seasons of our past and often wounded life, because the true experience of Him becomes the germ of a new creation, the perpetual spring of the heart.
When I go to the seaside I like to wear the underwater mask to see in the depth: sometimes some rocks jut out from the water, but when I look underwater I can see a huge mountain. Our roots are that way too: we are just little and poor creatures, but at the base of our existence there is above all the greatness of the Holy Spirit who is love.
For this reason let us take our life in hand and let us note that it is a precious gift; let us realise the profound nostalgia for love which we bring inside for we were born from love. Let us try not to betray this deep aspiration of our existence. We win the hidden resistances that we still have sometimes and that we refuse at times, only if we open ourselves to God with freedom and courage: the fear goes away, and by means of our faith we discover that we have a heart which beats for the other people, a life able to give freely, purely, faithfully. If we don’t  live with love, we start living for material things, for something outside ourselves: a good social position, a job career, money, power… but our unique and true realisation is love; if someone does not love the reason of his/her being, he/she remains incomplete, remains in death!
It is for this reason that we need to live our life at the light of faith. Faith wakes charity up and makes life dynamic and true: life which acts, suffers, serves, gives itself to others! I often say to the youth that this is the real healing of the heart: when we stop begging love from other people as we were poor tramps, and we begin to be able to give our love. And love is not only giving alms, but it is freely giving ourselves by serving others. By doing this, you realise that what you do for the other people is first of all good for you, a new light comes on in you.
We trusted the love of God for us and we keep trusting it, because only the encounter with Him transforms the heart, the mind and the life of man, and we have seen this miracle of a newborn life with our own eyes for many years. Faith is believing that God acts inside us, it is seeing and not just feeling: people who change, boys and girls who decide to forgive themselves and others, families who begin again to hope, eyes and faces who are alight again after years spent in the dark. This is the miracle of God’s love generating the desire to love in us.
The world is thirsty of this true love, the youth seek this kind of pure love, and we can give it starting from little concrete gestures: a smile, being silent before a provocation,  apologizing and lending a hand to a brother in order to live in peace despite “our reasons”…
When in front of us we have the chance to choose good, let’s do it! We are able to, and we’ll be happy of it!

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