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Holiness is a path, is a dynamic existence which brings concrete fruits. Holiness becomes love, commitment, you lose your life to let other people know Godís love. Holiness is not an abstract concept, bit is a real meeting with Jesus, which becomes serving hands, running feet, sighted eyes, giving body and blood: it is worth living that way, because it is not only you that lives but itís Christís life that resides in you and gives itself to others.
Cheer up! Letís try hard, do not waste our time: if you really want to know who you are and know all gifts you have sit in front of the Eucharist and youíll discover everything.
Holiness is born from Eucharist, and church is born from there: we are the Church, martyrdoms are the Church, all who have faith in Resurrection and  imitate Jesus who gave his life for us!
Thatís why the Church is alive, thatís why there are saints: men, women, kids who in Jesusí name are faithful till they give their life for the Gospel! In their heart they are sure that Jesus has risen and they live what He asked us to do: saints are the foundations of the Church which will never fall down because of love, blood, flesh, life, faithÖJesusí first and then ours. From the Church we receive the sacraments, the Word, the Eucharist, we receive everythingÖbut we are the Church as well, and then, when it is our turn we need courage to have pain with those who have pain, to be joyful with those who are joyful: and this is a beautiful life, the true life, a holy life!
Since Jesus has come on earth, since Godís life has resided in our humanity, everything is holy and everybody is holy; it is beautiful to know that today we are in Communion with those men and women who have lived their life with Love, with giving, with the passion for Jesus and for the other people, and now they support us in the path because we can live their joy.
Te saints prove that even if life passes, the Love with which one has lived it remains for ever as a tangible sign, as alive memory of an encounter able to transform oneís existence and make it a light house for everybodyís path.
The saints lead us in the path of life and they tell us that life if it is not given to God and to brothers and sisters is wasted. They announce us with their own life that there is more joy in giving than in receiving, that the only meaning of life is Jesus!
Like them and with them we follow him: weíll have the true joy inside us and weíll make happy everybody around us.

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