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When we say “the angel of the Lord declared unto Mary,” we, in faith should see the brilliance of that same light which entered into the home of MaryElvira-maggio.jpg and we should imagine her, in her amazement, listen to this annunciation and proclaim her “yes”.
That amazement which she experienced is happening inside each one of us today by simply praying the rosary with enthusiasm, with joy, with a love that is born from within.
This year, the month of May should blossom, giving novelty to each day, transforming our lives (just like things change in nature) into something beautiful, something joyous.  Each day should spring forth a new flower that is more beautiful, more stupendous, more scented than the day before.  Let us try to pray the rosary with our heart: there are many people waiting and we must carry the weight of humanity with our prayers.
Let us also learn to pray as “lovers”: it is love and tenderness that Mary wants to see inside of us; we are very fortunate that we are able to live these moments of faith, love, hope, joy.  Each day as we recite the first rosary we are reborn through Mary’s love.  She gives birth to us so that we may live as Jesus desires.
When Mary proclaimed her “yes” she did so in silence: no one knew, no one saw.  It is beautiful when we can do things without recognition: Godly things are born in silence.  The great things, the important things, the things that are most useful in life and in eternity are not heard, do not make noise, are not sensational.
Let us live this month with Mary in simplicity, in humility, in joy, smiling with such a smile that can make a sad person happy.  Let us commit to doing the little things well.  We must put our whole selves into everything that is little, that seems to have no value, because we are the value, it is our love that gives things worth.  The little things are those that make you see the great things, above all to live those “great things” that the Lord wants you to share with Him.  Therefore let us start this month of May, this month of flowers, this month of Mary’s splendor with enthusiasm.
Who knows how many miracles, how many graces Our Blessed Mother will grant to humanity, to us, to our families this month.  Believe that she will, because Our Lady is faithful.
We must have a special love for Mary this month.  Look at her tenderly with a smile and contemplate her eyes, it is there that we will find ourselves in her Light!

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