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hom-gennaio.jpgThe Community wishes to be a sign of hope in the world, among the families, in manís heart.
I have been living with  lost, marginalized, derelict, addicted to drugs youth for many years ,as many of you know ,but thanks to them my hope has become  truer, more concrete, more living, in a word it has turned into life.
The seed of hope is in each of us : we wish a better future, healing, good health, peace: particularly now, at the beginning of a new year, we feel in our hearts the   wish of a better future. The new year calls for a fresh start and  we are really experiencing that true hope doesnít only mean something: it is Someone.
The Father came towards us revealing His face through the Son and our hope strikes its roots in Him, in that Jesus who was born in Bethlehem two thousand years ago, who died and rose for us and who tells us that death  has no longer the last word. Itís Him the hope to announce, to cry to everybody.
This way each of us is living hope for the others, each of us  becomes a hope  maker.
Sadness, lack of concern, loneliness are the greatest ailments  in our world.
The world longs for hope announcers as dry land longs for water  .
Thatís why God has chosen us in  His gratuitousness, he gave us the strength to follow Him, he put in our hearts the wish to embrace  this wounded mankind.
Our living hope  must become love in our acts, in our lives, in the universal acceptance  of man.. We want  to be  a living Church  that loves and works for mankind .
To be able to serve  Christ in His limbs ,among the poor people, we must be in love with God, crazy for  Him.
Energy comes from  this ďfeelingĒ with God before than from a feeling with any other person  :our husband ,our wife, our children ,our family  are all  Godís gifts  that get more and more precious as far as we answer to their requests with all our heart but we must never take our eyes away from Him, they must be stuck to Him.
We have  been able to open our doors to the youth because we had wide opened our heart to God first.
The Father wants us to work together ,to allow the hope represented by Risen Jesus to grow among  wounded people waiting to find the light again.
Let Jesus give us the gift of contemplating His eyes, His face, His heart in the eyes and in the face  of the people  we meet every day on our way. Let Him give us a heart as poor, free, good and simple as His so that those who meet us  may meet and see Him shining in us.

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