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I am here with all my human poverties but my heart is full of love. I have understood that in life love is everything, is always, is ,whatever happens. Even when we have many problems, when we experience the “burden “of our weakness, we must let love live inside of us, outside of us, around us. We are the children of a Father who is the source of love: God is love! To tell us that love is not a thought, an idea ,a feeling but it’s a concrete gesture, a real gift, God revealed himself in the humanity of Jesus His son ,a man like us: we have seen Love” in the flesh”, we have listened to Him and we have met Him; Love is God’s life that was given to us through Jesus.

Some boys often say to me: ”Elvira, you always say that you have met Jesus, but I’ve never seen Him!” And I reply:” Remember what you were like when you arrived here: full of fear, of cowardice, of many evils, wishing to die and look at yourself now: you can smile, you can serve the others, your eyes are bright because Jesus is inside you, He changed you .You are new creatures in Christ and He lives in you!”

We see  Jesus  alive in our life that changes ,that resurrects thanks to His love for us.  Conversion, our real transformation,  is the most concrete sign of God’s presence: if you allow Him to meet you if you let His love catch you you’ll change, you’ll be a new man!

Today the world has an immense need to see that faith is the true joy of life. That’s why I would like to tell you,young people, that you must live and witness true joy. If we are unable to rejoice we are not young, we are old inside and today many youth are full of sadness and loneliness; you already know all this because you see this every day! We must start a new life not only for us but for everybody! If we are always still, sitting, if we wait for the others we’ll never go anywhere but

backwards. On the contrary we must be so brave as to stand up and leave, following the hope living inside of us. So the others will follow us, seeing in  the joy of our hearts what they are looking for.

Kids, youth, parents: let’s start a new true life! Jesus is truth and we must learn truth speaking to Him in prayer: if you have met Him ,you too live in truth and you are free! The time has come, young people :we must lose face, lose everything to say: “Jesus is living, He is here among us!”. We must announce this day and night. Come on, let’s try! Then we’ll become one family united in Him: you do something good to me and I to you  and those who do not yet believe will watch us  a bit amazed and then they’ll say: “Look at how those people get on well together, how they love each other, how happy they are ,how free they are!”  So little by little, watching our true faith free of fears, they too will stand up to walk with us to Jesus.

And I’dlike to apologize because sometimes ,while speaking ,I can’t utter words so I started to speak like babies :” ta,ta,ta,ta….” .How beautiful life is  even when we are not able to say everything with your mouth: there is love, and love is  something concrete, is a smile ,a look , a shaking of hands, a hug. Love is a word that speaks forever.

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