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He who loses his life will find it again

The old year is just over and we are ready to live a real novelty , so  we must no longer be the same as yesterday! Woe to us if we don’t take the love of God seriously.. we are the world for His sake , and we can live a full and true life , without compromise , but we must also be able to suffer a bit ' , if not  good does not win and life fades . Jesus told us : "He who loses his life will find it again " !Let’s try to donate , even just a smile , but with a clean heart , without seeking reward , so we will begin to enjoy a new quality of life. We will donate our lives and we’ll have back a hundredfold and all those who  encounter us  will love us, because in them there is a little piece of us! We can not beg for the love of the others if we are not the first to make sacrifices to give love . Let's start and the others will respond with a drop of genuine , selfless , mature love... a drop that spreads and fills the environment we live in, especially the family ! The Lord has told us to love because He knew that is the only thing  that fills our life and makes it new . It's good for us when we smile , say a good word even if we are in pain , when we correct each other in trust, because love means also to tell the truth , to be clear , to say 'no' even if it hurts. So remember : we are not the face of yesterday and with "face" I mean the way we walk , how we shake hands , how we look , how we smile ... the face is our own person and should not be the same as the one of  yesterday, today we are different and let us never forget that we have been transformed by the love of God , Who is greater than all our past !In love , under the renewing power of that love , we wish you :

Happy New Year!

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