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The Saints point at the way of true joy, true freedom.They are men and women from any time and place who have found the treasure of life:their meeting with God has generated great charity, prophetic intuitions, powerful forces of prayer and silence, sharing miracles, lives spent in good things.
They witness that even if life goes by, the love with which a person has lived it remains for ever as a living testimony of  what is really able to change a common life into a lighthouse.
They are our elder brothers and sisters, our relatives, the inhabitants of the true home that is waiting for us,the eternal life in Heavens that is endless love.But even if they belong to Heavens, they were men and women rooted in our history,in our earth,their hands ready to serve, their backs bent to love and to take care of someone,their eyes full of hope.
What a gift to have so many Saints before us, from any country and any social class, rich and poor, old and young,men and women, religious, laymen and families.
Saints in the Universities and in the streets, in hospitals and in monasteries, in rich or poor countries, in big cities or in deserts.
Saints who operated great things on earth or who lived their lives in a simple,silent, appearantly unimportant way,but then that life became “full”  of God’s presence. So those little people  became great and unforgettable witnesses of the Love that they have met and lived in deepness.
Saintity belongs to the heart of a Christian, it helps us, it’s our uniform, our full realization: it’s the way of Love in the simplicity of a life that has discovered its fullness.The Saints lead our way through life and teach us that if life is not given by God it is wasted.They witness that there is more joy in giving than in receiving, that Jesus is the true sense of life.

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