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Love, is the most beautiful invention of God


We are a community of sinners, public sinners, everyone knows it. We opened the Community for young people looking for hope, not only young people who are addicted to toxic substances, but also to sadness, loneliness, young people that are not happy, not satisfied despite everything. They are young, brave boys and girls, because they have the strength to go into a Community and start demanding a journey of discovery into the heart, because hope, light, strength and joy are within us. We have received a great gift from God : He has called us to experience the joy of communicating love. Nothing comes from us, it's a great gift, it is a free reward that comes from Him , it is not hardness but rest, it is not sorrow but joy, not fatigue but strength. Our love must be an embodied Love so as it was for Jesus ; who knows how many people looked at Jesus with bright, clean eyes, to help, to uplift, to comfort! If we love Jesus, sooner or later that fire comes from all sides and the people watching us are converted. Jesus needs our hands, our hearts, our mouth to announce. Let’s  make sure that our smile make the people we meet think over that. Let us feel responsible for the life of every person we meet. Every day and in every moment we have the duty to transmit the Risen One, the precious pearl which we found and that has changed and continues to change our lives.


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