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Being true missionaries above all means “imitating” Jesus.
The true, great missionary of the Father was Jesus:  He sacrificed himself; he left his divine nature and dressed himself in our poor human nature suffering exactly like us with fatigue, hunger, persecution, humiliation…
First we must believe that the source of Love and Life is Jesus of Nazareth. 
He gave himself for us and he did it with liberty, joy, courage, and a lot of love. Now we can draw from his life to give our life to all those that we encounter. 
We are all called to live the mission, this great and fascinating journey, to put ourselves aside, the journey of giving ourselves for love.  There are some people who think that being a missionary is only departing for a foreign country to help the poor, but in reality this is only an excuse; we lie to ourselves and to others, remaining closed in our selfishness, in our fears and our thoughts.  Like this we only do good deeds when we receive personal gratification, but this is a great failure, it diminishes our human kindness with all of the gifts that God gave us.
Instead, we help ourselves not only worrying about what we do, but above all who we are.  Being a missionary means looking inside ourselves, discovering our life, living it fully and giving it with love for love, with tenderness, with patience, joy, courage, enthusiasm, and with the security in our hearts that only like this will we receive gratification… because Jesus promised.
When man only counts on his strengths he is not capable of loving freely and unconditionally.  Being true missionaries means “having calluses on your knees”, putting prayer and conversation with Jesus in the center of your life.  We want to be missionaries that offer ourselves and our actions to the Virgin Mary, who knew how to mold and educate, love and serve, protect and defend Her Son Jesus, the first and true Missionary.  We ask Her, Queen of the Missions, to intercede for our Mother Church and for its universal mission in today’s world.

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