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The mission means coming out of ourselves.


The mission is a journey, it means coming out of ourselves. That's why we are all called to be missionaries, and we should not pretend to go to distant countries if we want to stay on ourselves, locked in our thoughts, memories, desires: we would be locked and we would only do things with the body, with the hands and feet... with what we have, but not with who we are! The mission instead is your being that is given , which no longer thinks of himself, who is interested, body and soul, in the need of love, hope and peace of the others.
This is a reality of all of us and the Lord sees us when we come into our lives and, as He did ,we want to give it to the others. And do not be afraid to give life, because when you do it you will be given back hundreds, thousands gifts! Jesus said so : " ... whoever loses his life he shall find it"!
The mission, therefore, is first of all "losing your life", giving yourself to the point of even forgetting your name, and doing everything out of love, in love. Living a selfless love, a free, strong love that is not offended... How good it feels!
In the end we were all children and there is still in us the generosity and purity of the child, who seeks true love, because children need "oxygen", a climate of life that says peace, strength, love, freedom, space. And we must be men and women capable of defending life, to love life, to believe in our lives and in the life of everybody.
Jesus needs our hands, our hearts, our mouth to announce, letís make  sure that our smile makes you think, make the people we meet think. They should ask:" How is it possible that in such a sad world there are yet these young people who want to leave, to love, to give, to serve, to smile? " .
Let us feel responsible for the life of every person we meet, and letís ask Our Lady, thanks to  Her goodness, to make us the gift of the true mission of the heart.
Letís go out of ourselves and, God willing, even of our countries, letís go where there are children of God who have not been loved. We too are children of God and we too have experienced non love and we do know what it means. Now let's go, without making too many projects, only to give our lives and so be it! Giving your life: life is the eyes, speech, hands, feet, tears, smiles, hugs... without thinking too much! Let us be guided by the Holy Spirit, letís go beyond what is comfortable: there we will be taught what true love is, what life is really. Giving life is the greatest thing in the world because Jesus tells us that we will find it a hundredfold, within us, forever.

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