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It is important to think of Our Lady as a woman who is genuine and transparent, and has nothing to hide. In the Comunity we have proposed the Truth: to say and be told the Truth. I think Our Lady gives us this example: she is the genuine woman, free and transparent who can speak and speak to everybody. She is a girl, she was a girl like us: she did not know that she was chosen by God our Father and who knows how she lived this; we imagin Our Lady always praying, but itís nice sometimes to imagin her preparing the meals for Joesph, feeding baby Jesus and holding Him in Her arms. She was the first greatest woman, the first greatest Queen, why?  She always knew how to serve, to serve everyone in need. She is a mother and woman that always has intuitions , and has her eyes wide open for helping people. If we donít try to free ourselves from all the things that block us, our fears, our ambitions, our wish to seek attention, if we donít have these blocks, also we are  able to live a life that in many occasions is able to give generosly  to the others, to see, and with intuitions serve everyone! Many times we wish that the others see what we do Ö but no-one knows that what counts is inside of us: itís my being that loves, that crys, that smiles, that is joyful and for this we need to pray. It is the prayer that gives you strength, that gives you joy, that gives you liberty and truth. Our Lady knows how to help us live that what we desire and if they are good and nice desires She intercedes for us before the Heart of her Son. We ask Our Lady to help us use our lives to the full and that our lives are inside Her life, and by Her we live in the life of the risen Jesus.

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