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Let's get strong through Love!
We are walking towards Easter, towards the heart of our faith: Jesus died and rose again for us.  Let us get on our knees before the Cross and bow down before him asking for the gift of a compassionate heart, able to be moved before the Love of a God who has given everything for us. Let us be moved before Jesus as He is moved by us: when we suffer,when we have trouble, pain, anxiety, fear, He looks forward to taking it all upon Himself.
While meditating the Passion we suffer with Jesus, we with Him, we are moved by Him. This is how we become men and women who are clean, good, merciful; standing before Him our heart of stone turns into a heart of flesh.
Let us be still before the Crucifix: God wants to tell us important things about our lives, but we do not ever stop! Letís stop the thoughts in our heads, forget our fantasies; letís be careful not to allow evil to enter our thoughts and leads us away from truth and goodness. The Way of the Cross must find room inside of us because we need special graces; we will understand this on the way, but to make us happy, Jesus needs us before Him, contemplating His swollen Face, His back, His body scourged, His head covered with blood and thorns.
We cannot be indifferent and materialistic, we must become compassionate, merciful, good men and women, able to forgive the others and ourselves. To experience this Love that changes us we must contemplate, look, search and enter into the Crucifix. Looking at the Crucifix we will be able to accept the thorns that now and then hurt us; we will accept that pain because we have looked at the cross with clean and sympathetic eyes. This Lent should bloom into a Resurrection that will be all fire, all Love, Love, Love: Love in our eyes,  Love on our faces, Love in our work; Love is the essence of our lives;  sometimes we do many things because we must and we do not receive anything from it, we do not change because we remain without what is really necessary ,the essence of life that is born of Love.
Letís make sure Jesus is happy to be among us: letís pray, letís live the way of the Cross with Him, united with Him; letís help Him to carry His Cross which is the cross of humanity, the cross of all the children in the world, the cross of the old people who die alone with so much anxiety and fear, the cross of many ill youth, so many broken families, of many young drug addicts, of our families, of  war, of everybody. All mankind has crosses and we would like to relieve them helping Jesus, telling Him: ďJesus, trust me, I want to help You to carry the cross, everyoneís cross.Ē
Letís live this time with love: letís stop with trivial things, with the criticism, with the gossip, letís learn to love each other. This is what opens the gates of Heaven, which opens us to the Resurrection of Easter Sunday: the Love we felt for our mother, father, brothers and sisters, the Love for those who are around us, who live with us.
In this last time of Lent that will bring us to Easter, letís ask  Jesus for this gift: to become strong through Love!

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