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 Easter is a walk in which we must continue to search. The women who went to his tomb had gone there in search of Jesus. Where there is Jesus Christ, there is no violence Jesus waits and waits for our freedom; and He wants us to encounter him so that we can know Him better. Encountering Jesus means not being satisfied with how we are; if you settle simply for what you already have and stop looking for what you truly desire, what you truly love, and what you want to encounter...well, you're more or less dead! But if we are here today it is because something great has happened: Jesus is risen, Jesus is alive! Our community wants to testify to this not with words but through our lives. We would not be here if Jesus had not risen from the dead. Maybe someone might think, "Who can say that Jesus is risen?”. Perhaps this comes from your own life; but by being here today, hope is reborn in you. It is the peace that lives in your heart after years of "war" and the desire to love after years of having a heart of stone. I say often to the guys and girls, “You came into the community in pieces, dead, tired, “old,” with little or no life left inside; and if you're here today with a smile in your heart and light in your eyes, it is because within you the resurrection has been born. We believe that Jesus is risen we must welcome His ressurection; and, if we believe in Him, that new life that we encounter must be of importance to us. Our community is founded on trust in the risen Jesus, in a God that gave His life for us; and just after raising Himself from the dead, He thought of us and ran to us because He could not leave us sad and desperate, without life. By ressurecting Himself from the dead, He also ressurects us, everyday a little bit more.
This is the hope of Easter that we walk towards Him and are never satisfied untill we have arrived. We must look ahead he who stops will be lost. If we say “enough,” we will die; if we stop walking, we fall behind. Let us go forward with the desire and will to meet Jesus who is the real answer to our questions, our “why?”. He is the answer, and we have no need to look elsewhere.

Happy Easter!
And a good journey from darkness to light,
from sadness to Joy, from hatred to Love, from death to Life!



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