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Peter is alive!

The Church is graced with people who give their lives everyday without fear, finding courage and loyalty in Eucharistic communion - the ecounter with the crucified and risen body of Christ. At a certain point it also transforms our body into the Eucharist: we become cleaner, more generous, more like Jesus. We nurture ourselves with Him, and gradually we are renewed in Him; it is no longer we who live but Christ that lives in us. He transforms us into good bread, broken for our brothers. It is this gift of our lives and everything good that we do that creates the living People of God: smiling, transmitting virtue, speaking positively, encouraging others, having the strength to carry your brother’s cross on your shoulders, making sacrifices that become a gift without limits…

The Apostles lived this. They followed Jesus; and after Pentecost, from that moment in the Cenacle, they began to proclaim Him to everyone. Thus, the Church was born; and Peter remained as the Pope. He who has not yet profoundly encountered the Holy Father at least once cannot understand the luminous mystery of the living presence that exists in him. So go, look the Holy Father in the eyes; you will see that Peter is alive in him because, becoming closer to him, you will feel the tenderness of God and the beauty of a remaining presence that gives you safety. You will feel a dimension that does not exist on this Earth and that does not represent only a historical moment; there is something else that goes beyond what you see and someone else that lives in that person that you are encountering - it’s Peter that continues to guide us to the encounter with the Teacher.

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