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Go to everyone, without making differences

Itís been for a while now that, as a Community, we feel the urgent need to announce and testify the live presence of Jesus among us.
One more time, infront of hungry crowds who are searching for Him and who want to listen to Him, He asks us, like He asked the apostles, to nourish them, to give ourselves to them, broken like bread on the table of this world which is suffering hunger for hope, peace and joy. The true mission is to go and learn from everyone, to let our hearts be educated to make them vibrate, because sometimes we have a heart of stone, of ice, a heart thatís full of only thoughts and plans. Letís ask the Lord that He will let us carry joy to those who are waiting for us, that He will make us humble testimonies of His love, so that the history of this love and fidelity, that He started, will grow and carry fruit there where His spirit would like to lead us.
Faith means, not to want to live only for ourselves but to give to others and the first condition for the missionaries is to forget about themselves. To love is to serve, itís to give your life, itís to think of the others before yourself, itís to have two eyes and a heart that see the needs of a brother or a sister. Itís to lose your life, to lose it in the sense that you give it to those people to whom the love of God has sent you, discovering that in reality you will find it again in those who you serve, because He will give you much more in return: that which you give to the others, even if itís only a drop, will be multiplied. God has given us the will to do something good for the others so that good will come back to us a hundredfold and the world can change: the love that we give is the true smile of life! The Lord will repay us even if weíve given only a glass of water with love, a glass to anyone, to the smallest people, to the poorest people and in this day and age the poorest arenít only those who live on the street, moreso those who trust only in themselves, who believe only in what they have, in what they do, those who search for happiness in material things.
Letís not make these differences; if thereís a loving gesture to be made, letís make it! To the elderly, to the young, to the children, to the sick, to the healthy, to the rich, to the poorÖ The human person is Godís face on earth: letís go to the man of our time and bring him that God who he is searching for and who, today, in too many cases, he hasnít ever met.
But we have to go to everyoneÖ if we can. We have to want to give love, hope, courage and trust. Youíll see how weíll get stronger in our faith because the more we give the more weíll convince ourselves that what we are saying is truth, is life, is joy! The service, the good that we will do is Him, He who lives in us and in those who we will love, who we will embrace, who we will help in sharing, in serving, in trying or even only with a simple smile.


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