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Becoming the Heart of God
Looking at Jesus, at His liberty, at the beauty of His humanity that is full of light and courage, we may begin to ask ourselves, “Is my way of speaking and acting genuine?”
Being genuine does not always come naturally; we must want it because sometimes we are like the Pharisees, and we live falsely. So then we must find the source of genuineness, of truth, of transparency, and of that fountain of life that one finds “in the heart.” God is the Heart. His heart is in us, and we live in Him.
Then we must also become the “heart”: while you speak the heart, which is sincere, must speak. We can’t see the heart, but it allows us to live - when it stops beating, we die. The heart gives us life… not only physical life, but truth, freedom, beauty, and humility. Everything begins from there; and if the heart gets sick, everything gets sick.
Because of this, Jesus, who sees inside the heart, proposes to and makes us capable of living a sincere way of life - genuine, clean, and luminous! He can do it because He gave His life for us; it’s up to us to trust, to allow ourselves to be guided and to not suffocate inside of us the callings of His Heart deep down in our conscience. He gave us His life, and He will never trap us! And when we say, “I don’t know what to do…who knows what the Lord wants from me;” in that moment we are already thinking of what to do and how to act. Instead we should first ask Him - and ourselves - “What do You want me to live?” First there is our interior life!  He wants us to live in freedom, joy, hospitality, and total trust in Him; then, in that trust we will be able to do everything.
Speaking of which, I will recount something to you. I know a woman who has a husband that, sadly enough, always drinks. She came to see us some time ago, and I asked her, “How is your husband?” She answered, “Look, Elvira, he always drinks, and he’ll lose his job; but I trust, I continue to trust.” Think about it: after twenty-five years of being married, she still says this!  She didn’t tell me that, deep down, she continues to love him; but I’ll add it myself because you can see love. I saw that in her trust there was a faithful and sincere love of a wife for her husband. That woman has a strong faith, has trust - and trust means faith!
So let’s push ourselves to make the faith, the “Heart of God,” alive in our heart; and we’ll draw strength from the source of His Mercy that continues to love us, to wish us well, and to renew and revive all the gifts that He has given us, even if at times we have used them wrongly. Jesus continuously gives to us because He trusts much more in us than we do in Him. It’s as if Jesus said, “Sure…he’s always there, judging, but I trust him; I’ll let him have memory and intelligence… That person always looks at the others with anger, he would like to order around everyone else, he could look at them differently…but I’ll leave him this point of view because I trust, I trust: sooner or later he will change!” He leaves us His gifts, and among them, the Gift of gifts: Himself, His Heart in the Eucharist. Because of this we will never be tired of thanking Him all day, everyday.

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