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Mary, woman of faith

We have just celebrated Easter - the Risen Jesus. Let us be happy with His presence and become bearers of the joy of the Resurrection like His mother Mary - the first, great apostle and missionary of the Resurrection.
There are many true, good, and beautiful things inside of us; and we must live them - but not only in Community. We must choose to want to live charity, peace, and reciprocal love - and when we say “love” we mean goodness, trust, new beginnings, and asking each other often for forgiveness. All these are “small” things that maybe they never taught us; but today the faith helps us grasp and understand the beauty of life - of life illuminated by God.
We are still here in order to be sure that our faith is life! Think of how many times Our Lady has appeared in these centuries so that we could believe more profoundly in the strength of faith. Because it is faith that gives us strength, security, and peace; faith is our great wealth, and Our Lady lived by faith, She lived only by the strength of faith. Because many times she felt lost as well: she knew - the angel told her - what would happen to that child. Jesus was the Son of God, but He suffered like all the other children. Herod wanted to kill Him, and so… escape, take him away… all moments of trial. The lives of Jesus and Mary were, above all, lives of faith; she never rebelled and always said “yes” to the situations that were presented to her - without doubting - knowing that there exists a God who does not disappoint. 
We can also say this; day after day our Community is a wonder because we, too, began - and continue - to live with the faith, a firm faith. Our Community wants to be this mystery… that is no longer a mystery because the Lord wanted to reveal Himself, to make Himself known.
Mary of Nazareth encountered Him, was living with her heart full of God and became everything that God expected from her - and that He also expects from us - in beauty, honesty, truth, love, and all that is bright, good, honest, wise, and clean.
We, too, should allow the strength, purity, and grace of the faith that exists in us - that God put in us so that His joy could reach us and fill us - prevail… thus, we can be truly happy!

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