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Who we are

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From the imagination of the Holy Spirit, through the intuition of a consecrated woman, Sister Elvira Petrozzi, the Comunità Cenacolo was started in July 1983 as the response of the tenderness of God the Father to the desperate cry of many youth who are tired, disappointed, desperate, drug addicts and non-addicts, searching for joy and the true meaning of life.
Collaborating with her are volunteers, consecrated religious and families who live and work full-time and gratuitously at the service of this good work.
The Mother House of the Community is found on the hills of Saluzzo, a town in the province of Cuneo (Piemonte region-Italy). Other houses were begun, as well, in these years: there are presently 56 spread throughout Italy and the world
In the places where Providence guides us, we want to be a small but shining light in the darkness, a sign of hope, and a living testimony that death doesn’t have the last word.

To those who knock on the doors of the Community we propose a style of life that is simple, family-oriented, in the rediscovery of work seen as a gift, of true friendship and faith in the Word of God, made flesh in Jesus Christ dead and risen for us.

We believe that the Christian life, in its fullness, is the true response to every anxiety of man, and that no one other than He who created man, God the Father, is able to reconstruct his heart led astray in a life without meaning.

Our strength must come from Love, that Love which comes from the Cross of Christ and which gives life to the dead, freedom to prisoners, and sight to the blind.

We are the first to be amazed by what the Lord is working in front of our eyes, and to thank Him because He makes us daily witnesses to His Resurrection, in the strength of which we see every day life return in the smiles of people who had lost all hope. 

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