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A Big Family

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A family with many colors

Fascinated by the proposal of an authentic Christian life, a few families and other young volunteers put their own lives on hold, giving freely of themselves to the full-time service of those whom the Community welcomes. A few of them begin a walk which brings them to a life which embraces the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

Also, numerous guys and girls at the end their own walk of recuperation ask to remain longer in Cenacolo in search of the will of God, freely giving their lives in the diverse realities in the missions.

This forms the core group of people who are totally dedicated to the Community life, people who share a life of prayer, of listening to the Word of God, and of service to the poor.

In addition, many friends, priests, families, and lay persons primarily in Italy, and then in the various countries in which the Cenacolo operates, are involved in the operation of the Community, according to their specific abilities, and their specific professions. Sharing the spirituality of the Community, in service, and mission, these people remain in their environment of religious life, work, and family life.
Illuminated by our years of experience, we see these as a few of the young “branches” which spring from the “trunk” of the Community.

 * Young volunteers
 * Missionary Families
 * Consecrated Brothers and Sisters
 * Friends of Cenacolo
 * Parents of the guys and girls in Community


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