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Our Magazine

This quarterly magazine represents for us an important way of testifying and witnessing.
The magazine began in 1986 without great expectations, over the years it has become for us a great way of expressing the true community life style.
It enters the heart of many families, which are so often wounded and torn by division, mistrust and incredulity. It aims to bring a breath of fresh air, a clean breeze that brings forth forgiveness, mercy, hope and gives new light.
Above all it’s directed at the youth of today, to communicate to them the preciousness of the gift of life, the need to take care of and protect it, appreciate it and live it to the full. This magazine aims to tell everyone about the importance of prayer. A Christian life is the true secure path, a light in the darkness of night, which nourishes and helps one to get to know and love oneself. It helps to give strength to overcome fragility, the energy to start anew and to be able to love more each day and the faith to believe and live in freedom.

To obtain The "Risurrezione" Magazine (in Italian language), free of charge,
please send your address to:

In order to download the special issue of "Resurrection" (25 years of history - year 2008) in english, in PDF format, click the following link:

"Resurrection" (4,5 Mb)

In order to download the last issue of "Resurrection" in italian, in PDF format, click here.

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