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"Parents convert, children are saved"

The Community does not ask any “payment” of the families of the guys and girls who are welcomed into the various houses of the Community. What is asked of the parents instead is the commitment to conversion, a walk in a Christian way of life parallel to that which the son or daughter is doing within the walls of the Community.

Our experience over the years shows that the rebirth of the girls and guys depends also on the commitment of their parents who walk in the Christian life, and that they discover the importance of the family. Our motto is "Parents convert, children are saved."

Families have become an important and living part of our Community. Walking together with the resurrection of their child knocking at the door, they organize in different regions weekly prayer meetings for the wounded families, families closed in fear and in the pain of their drug-addicted son or daughter. Many of them allow themselves to be completely immersed in this walk of prayer and conversion, and they then become witness, resurrection, and welcoming to other wounded families. The responsible persons for the parent groups are available weekly for meetings to listen to and to welcome other families in search of help. The Community also organizes meetings, and days of friendship and prayer to help them in the rebirth and growth of Christianity.

The cross of the addicted son or daughter often becomes a reason for reflection and profound conversion as well as renewed peace and serenity within the family.

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