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H.R.R. Monsignor Bonetti about the family

Last Saturday,May5th we lived an important moment in Envie where we could listen to Monsignor Bonetti,for ages in charge of the national office for family pastoral.
He spoke of the beauty of the family according to God’s plans and he explained how necessary it is nowadays to meet God to  rediscover the beauty of that love  from which a family originates.
Monsignor Bonetti also celebrated the Holy Mass during the night(it was the first Saturday of May) and  meditated the Word of the Lord with special care for the theme of the “glory”.
For Jesus and the Father “glory” means bending to  wash somebody’s feet , being present in a small piece of bread,  forgiving those who betrayed . We must live this everyday  so that God’s glory can  really be  in our lives.
Everybody was  deeply touched by his fervent words.
Let’s thank God for meeting this friend and let’s thank Monsignor Bonetti because he wanted to meet our Community and for all that he  shared with us: what riches faith gives us!

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