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Wedding at Envie

On Easter Monday, known in community as “Monday of the Angel”, we gathered together to celebrate Michela and Roberto’s decision to consecrate their love in the holy sacrament of Matrimony.  With God, the Church and the community as witnesses, they were joyfully united as husband and wife, a Christian family . . . a “domestic church” . . . a crib of life!
Michela and Roberto’s love story began in one of our “mixed” fraternities in Italy and continued to grow as they experienced the mission life together in Peru at the fraternity of Juan Pablo II.  In the midst of their work with the children they decided to further their relationship by taking the next step, marriage.
During the celebration of the Mass, the children and the missionary aunts and uncles made their presence felt when Father Stefano read an email in which they sent their love and support for Uncle “Baldy”  (Roberto, whose hair is sparse) and Aunt “Giraffe” (Michela, whose height is infinite).  The new couple is currently residing in the fraternity of Envie.

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