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Amelia Earhart Prize

Together with Ivana Sarotto ( an Albanian biologist) and Piera Tortore ( a medical doctor from Cuneo), Mother Elvira was awarded the Amelia Earhart given by Club Zonta of Cuneo, Alba and Saluzzo for women who “fly high”.  The award honors women who have distinguished themselves socially by committing themselves towards helping the poor. 
For the occasion, some of our young men enacted a part of the show “From Darkness to the Light”.  They also gave witness to their lives “reborn” thanks to Mother Elvira’s “yes” that she has given to God.
During the presentation of the dance of the “Masks”, it was said that Mother Elvira “flies high” because she “soars towards God”.  And it is from this faith that today we are able to see the fruit of life that begins to smile again within our 54 houses spread throughout the world.

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