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Venetian Retreat

In the Gospel Jesus teaches us: “Knock and it shall be opened.”…and for several years, the parents from Jesolo have been knocking.  Thanks to perseverance and faith the door has finally been opened and they were able to experience a few days of spiritual retreat with men, women and priests from the Community.

The three days of prayer, silence, catechism and sharing took place in a quaint retreat house in the town of Cavallino Treporti, located in the middle of Lake Venice.  Not only we were blessed with the gift of a seaside view but we were graciously given the use of a beautiful church and access to the Blessed Sacrament.
Four women from the nearby community located in Mogliano and four men from the Mother House in Saluzzo accompanied Father Stefano and Father Andrea for this prayerful occasion.  The air was full of enthusiasm and faithfulness.
During the day there were moments for catechism, communal prayer, confession and open-group discussions.  At night the parents alternated personal prayer time so as to live fully perpetual adoration.
The parents chose “Divine Mercy: to Forgive and be Forgiven” as the theme for the retreat.  We all remained amazed by God’s providence because the only date available at the retreat house was the Sunday after Easter, the day in which John Paul II dedicated in celebration of Divine Mercy.
Truly, in the few hours spent together we were able to experience how much God desires to bring His forgiveness and peace into to each of our hearts and those of our families.  We thank God the Father for having given us this moment and we are sure that it is just the beginning of something beautiful that will continue with time.

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