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Easter night vigil

Holy and Blessed Night full of Light and Joy!!!
”Christ has Risen…yes ,he has really Risen ,Hallelujah!” The first Christians  greeted this way when they met many centuries ago ,happy for their Lord’s victory over death.
We rejoiced the same way in Envie ,two thousands years  later ,during the Holy Night of Christ’s Resurrection.
This year the Easter Night Vigil coincided with the first Saturday of April so there were many youth together with the boys and girls  from the Brotherhoods near Saluzzo to pray with us.
We deeply entered the luminous mystery of Christ’s Victory and we started acting  the Resurrection scene from the show “Light in the World”.
Then the Vigil went on with the Fire Blessing  out of the church ,the procession with  the torches                           ; finally we celebrated the Eucharist and we listened to the rich Word of the Lord.  
During the Holy Mass two little ”cenacolini” were baptized: Pierluigi and Ivan.
In the end we also invoked the Holy Spirit on eighteen  boys and girls from the Community who are leaving for our Missions in Mexico, Brazil and Peru.
So much life …. found again, given to the others !
Our joy was so great because Jesus Christ’s Victory over sin and death opened the doors of true life to us ,in the neverending mercy of the Father.

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