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Meeting of the missionary parents

On Sunday 11th March the Community gathered together the relatives of the missionaries of the Community for a meeting day in order to involve them in the current experience of their children.
In the opening greeting Mother Elvira highlighted how we should all learn from these young people who have left a life where they have everything in order to help others.  But what is the real wealth in life: material things or giving love?
In the Holy Mass Father Stefano reminded the parents of the aridity in which their children lived before entering the Community: in this ‘holy’ place they have met the Holy Spirit, a source of love and of life.
Having realised the importance of such gift, they have chosen to offer it also to those who are less fortunate and such choice, which at times parents find difficult to accept as it doesn’t fall within the plans they had for their children,  will be a blessing for them too.  The moment of the offertory was particularly moving: parents holding a photo of their children were asked to entrust them to God, by taking them to the altar and putting them into a basket held by mother Elvira while father Stefano called out the names of the missionaries.  Some parents cried: the tears were for the parting from their children but also of joy for their choice.
During lunch father Stefano talked about the start of the missions and in particular about the story of Nicola, the first young man who initiated what we can all see today.
In the afternoon the Rosary and the testimony of some parents who talked about their missionary experiences alongside their children.  It was also interesting to listen to the direct personal experience of what some young people have lived through during their mission. 
A particular thank you goes to the relatives who are actively working to promote the various projects in the missions.

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