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The Cenacolo Comunity in UK

Father Stefano and don Andrea lived very intense days in England.
The first date was with the prayer group which has loyally been meting for years in a small chapel in the centre of Liverpool. There they pray for the youth and their families and interview the ones who would like to enter the community.
Our fathers  encouraged the group to continue along this walk ,they prayed with them and witnessed the importance of the conversion walk done by the families together with their children’s one , based on total confidence in the Community.
Then they went to our brotherhood “Our lady of Martyrs” in Kendal to celebrate the second opening anniversary: everybody felt an intense and deep joy in the heart, in particular the boys ,the friends and the families.
The Bishop of Lancaster Dioceses, H.R.R. Mons. Patrick D’Onogue expressed his friendship and participation celebrating the Holy Mass with us, during which he shared his joy for the presence of the Cenacolo Community in that Dioceses.
Finally the meeting in London: every week a small prayer group  meets in the heart of the city. They are engaged in welcoming the youth who wish to change their lives according to the directions given by the Community.
Father Stefano encouraged them to go on,to be  a small but  meaningful light in such a big city, where so many youth are lost in evil and drugs.
The words of  some youth , who are experiencing the gift f the Community, left in everybody the hope  and the desire to  believe that nothing is impossible to God, that drugs don’t have the last word and that it is worth  persevering in this service.
Let’s thank our Lady for our presence in that land!

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