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... Father Stefano

Mogi das Cruzes Ė BRASIL Ė 24
My dear Mother Elvira and everybody,

We are together even if in different continents  celebrating  the miracle of God whom we can know and meet in the LIFE of that child true man living  in our flesh which is marked by frailty and sin, but since this night and on for ever it will be inhabited by his Presence, by his Light, by his Truth, by his Love. Tonight we become the living temple of  Godís presence in history. What a beautiful story starts from here! These days ,rushing from a missionary house to another I have been contemplating that any child that comes to life expresses Godís LOVE for us.
A  childís life approaches us to God ,cleans us, teaches us the truth, wants us to be present and consistent with our own livesÖ..
Tonight during the Holy Mass  some children will be baptized: in this Holy night they will become Saints ,full of Holy Spirit .The same Holy Spirit that descended upon Mary  will descend on them ,inhabiting them for ever ,kindling in them  Faith, that Light  which  enlightens every manís life as it enlightened the  shepherds and the Magiís nights.
During my missionary pilgrimage I baptized many children and this fact  confirmed that the Community doesnít only want to give them  a bed ,a babyís bottle food and drink  but it wants to give them that Presence  which   will live in them for ever trough Faith, with or without  us. It is really beautiful to give them that Light  that will enlighten their conscience and freedom, showing them the way to the true God.
Our day will end with a beautiful adoration before the Eucharist.
I told all the children to write a letter to Jesus to thank Him and ask Him something important for their inner life .I also asked them to give something nice to Him so that He can give it to poorer kids.
Each of them has immediately prepared the most beautiful thing he had.
We Ďll collect  these presents full into two baskets set at the feet of the Baby Jesus  and He will smile  with great joy.
At 5,30 on Christmas morning Iíll land in Bahia where Iíll spend another week  full of life, prayer ,joy ,sorrow ,amazement and brotherly correction.
We are sure that the EMMANUEL,OUR GOD,IS WITH US with His mercy and His confidence!!!!!!
Your brother and friend in faith
Father Stefano together with all the missionaries, children, youth of the large South American family.

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