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Meeting of the Missionaries in Saluzzo – Servants for Love -

  Meeting of the Missionaries in Saluzzo
– Servants for Love  -


From February 20th to March 2nd we celebrated the meeting of the "Servants for Love " , organized by the Community for us guys that have  stopped at our " family of the resurrected " after the first three year’s  journey in order to return to our brothers a bit of all that God has given us. This retreat wanted to be a moment in which we could " detach " from the various responsibilities and  the daily  " racing "  that we have in the fraternities, to stop and look inside of ourselves in a climate  of silence and listening to God, to make important choices for our lives , without having to run after so many things to do and organize ! Every year during this meeting we live catechesis , moments of sharing, silence and prayer.

This year's retreat was held in Saluzzo , in the fraternity " Merciful Jesus " and the " Village of Peace" . The theme  proposed was drawn from  the Apostolic Exhortation " Evangelii Gaudium " by Pope Francesco ,in particular to the point where he says : "I have a mission on this earth, and that's why I'm in this world." It was so nice to discover the call to life as the first " mission " and then develop the many missions to which we are all called : to be  real , honest men , to be merciful, good, reconciled with our past and serene with our brothers , to be men of sacrifice , commitment, mature and responsible people, and finally to discover the joy of giving life .

We have thus been able to " dig " within us to put ourselves in the light of the Holy Spirit on many points. There were several moments of testimony by both us and  the priests , and by some wives  living in the community : they were precious moments that  made us reflect on the wishes for the future that we keep in our hearts .

Among the most important moments there were  : the Holy Mass celebrated on Thursday morning by the Bishop of Saluzzo , Archbishop Giuseppe Guerrini , in which Brother Jerome , Brother Peter and Brother Mark received the Ministry of Acolyte . We keep  in our hearts  the daily visits of Mother Elvira , her smiles , her hugs and her ... candies! We too wanted to " give back " the visit , going down, one afternoon, to the house of  formation of our Missionary Sisters of the Resurrection and to get there  we also had  a walk in the woods !

A great gift was then the pilgrimage to Colle Don Bosco on Friday , greeted by the Salesians to dig into the beauty of the life of this Saint, lover of youth and education. We then ended the day with the participation to the one hundred and eighty boys’ meeting on the first Saturday of the month at Envie . We thank Mother Elvira for having forwarded the beauty of loving, serving , running and spending life   for good. We also thank the Providence that allows us not to  lack anything and a special thanks to our priests and to all those who have engaged in various services to make this meeting possible . Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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