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News Perù

News, Perù.

Dearest Mother Elvira and all
we would like to share with you this last period of "miracles" , true gifts of Providence, that have come close just when we were " on our knees " ! Last Saturday, a truck arrived with sacks of sugar and rice . It  happened like this: some time ago some representatives of a factory in Lurin had received reports of the needs of a home for elder people, deciding then to bring them aid . But going there for a visit, they realized that the place was very luxurious and  realized that they did not need anything. So they came back and   passed in front of our door . Among them, a lady saw the sign "Casa Hogar " and said  " ... let's stop here , we’ll try to knock in the name of God, and if they do not open we ‘ll leave ." So she did , and we, without knowing who they were, welcomed them . They saw our house and returned with Providence ! Another great "miracle" happened with the visit of a lady and her family through the Cistercian Sisters who  know and are very good to us: she wanted to commit herself to give us a loaf of bread every week for every child and every adult . Also a friend of hers who works for the Swiss government asked her if she knew of any association to which to donate . This lady  wrote to the Cistercian Sisters who in their great kindness  made our name . We then met  two dentists that will help us for the dental care of children , another great intervention of Providence, as you can well understand ! Finally , to the delight of Sister Mary , the teacher of Abrham ( the boy suffering from Down Syndrome recently accepted) has offered to come every Thursday afternoon to help with speech therapy : great gift for all the children who  need this and whom until now we were not able to help . Imagine our joy! We also wanted to take this opportunity to thank the friends of the fraternity of Austria and all those who think of us . Last but not least, in the day " Señor de los Milagros " to our door arrived some people with  baskets of pork and chicken cooked in the "Cylinder " , telling us that the  week before some people had gone  to eat in their house  (we just do not yet know who they were ) and told  them that it would be a nice gesture to offer “Casa Hogar” the  food  that would not be sold . So they knocked on the evening to bring us the food  . What a party we did the next day! We feel " greatly blessed " by Providence ,please help us to thank : Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ! A big hug from each of us !

Missionary Sisters of the Resurrection in Peru!

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