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Twenty-fifth anniversary of the fraternity JOY of Borgaro Torinese

Saturday, September 14 the fraternity " JOY " of Borgaro Torinese celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary welcoming for the occasion kids , families, friends and "sons " of the community , to share the joy of so many lives reborn in all these years.
The fraternity has welcomed and has seen the resurrection of  the lives of many young people from all over the world in search of peace and hope. For us  it has always been a special place because it is inside of the Convent of the Sisters of Charity of St. Joan Antida where Mother Elvira began her "story" of devotion to God , living the years of novitiate to the consecrated life .
The day was led by our priests , in the presence of Mother Elvira and of a group of the Missionary Sisters of the Resurrection.
We started the day with the prayer of the Holy Rosary, followed by lunch prepared by a group of friends .
Before the moment of prayer before the Eucharist , we welcomed Mother Elvira and the sisters who accompanied her .
Then we heard some testimonies and specially touching was the one of a "child " of the community , Antonio , who was present at the opening of the house 25 years ago.
Some guys in the house have revived the “historical ballet of Masks " : a dance that reminds us of our passage from darkness to light, from falsehood and masks to the freedom that comes from the truth , highlighting the heart of the community path .
The Holy Mass was celebrated in the Church of the Convent and as a conclusion of the afternoon we shared and enjoyed together the super cake prepared for the occasion.
The day was illuminated by the presence of Mother Elvira whom  we thanked for bringing a smile and a lot of joy to everyone! Also a special thanks to all those who faithfully accompany the life of this fraternity and to all those who have made providence for us all these years . Many thanks!

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