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Last news from Africa

Saint J.Bakhita Mission – Virginia, 11/07/2013

“Blessed are Those Who Beleive“ (Lk 1, 45)

Dear Mother Elvira, Fr. Stefano, Brothers, Sisters and everyone;
We write to you with much joy from Liberia, to say to all of you that we are walking with you towards that moment of Fest with grace, prayer, recovery, song, dance and friendship that is “The Festival of Life“
We are also in preparation and we want to thank God for the gift of our resurrected lives that would not be possible if it was not for you, Dear Mother Elvira, that if 30 years ago you did not journey up the hill of Saluzzo with so much faith. We want to celebrate and thank you because at the welcoming you were also their with Mary: “Blessed are you who Beleive“, Mary our Mother who continues to protect us, accompany us, guide us and sustain us in this amazing walk from the darkness to the light!
Who would have ever imagined a beautiful story like this? Who would have imagined that we also would have had a role in this? Rather, we here in Africa are very happy to be able to contemplate the developments of the story of Comunita Cenacolo in Africa...! What incredible developments! After this time of waiting to grow in friendship, in unity, in love, with the Liberian people and to enter into the culture of this land, finally the life has begun to knock at the door of our house... and today seven babies are the precious gifts that Jesus and His Mother, Mary, offer us. The babies name and age are Emmanue, 11, Mohammed 6, Ihbrahim 4, Boymah 4, John 2, Blessing 2, (our first girl!), and Kelvin only 1 year old!
We are very happy because other babies are waiting for be entrusted to us. We want to do the will of God and walk with the Holy Spirit.
But the life knocks at our door in these times when many friends come offering providence and good for us. The first of all of us thought is our “SuperCommunity“ Priest, Fr. Adrian who follows us, supports us, sustains us and encourages us while being attentive to all of our needs. Then there are our neighbors, big and little, who surprise us with their generosity and smiles and hands that work and give. You can think of how much and how great is the providence. Just today Katrin, a 27 yr old Liberian girl that is studying to become a teacher, in the United States, returned to Liberia. During this time of her vacation she will come to stay with us and our babies. How beautiful that she can grow and see times like theirs and how beautiful for us to be able to enter into the life and culture of this land.
We have invitewd Fr Adrian on Sunday to celebrate Holy Mass with us. In the afternoon we will celebrate with our neighbors and the babies a moment of the Festival. A festival of “drama“ as they say here when they do their performances. We asked Katrin to play the role of the Blessed Virgin... she is very happy to be able do this. Just think what a beautiful surprise and gift for our friends and babies to see the “Black Madonna“ a Liberian D.O.C. “stamp of authenticity“. We remain united with you in these day of the “Festa della Vita“ in a river of gratitude and mercy to descend on the hill in Saluzzo with joy, hope and forgiveness for all of us that have need.
We want all the very best for you, and always will offer our prayers for you to our most beloved Queen of Peace!.

The babies, uncles, aunts, and Sisters of your Liberian family

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