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“Sons of the Community” meeting in Ireland

For a long time us guys from the fraternity in Ireland have desired in our hearts to have a meeting with the “sons” of Cenacolo - that is to say, those guys who, after having completed a walk in the various realities of the Community, have exited and now live once again “in the world.”
About ten of them arrived at the house on Saturday morning and we all worked, shared, prayed, and joked together. It was a beautiful moment that brought us a lot of joy.
For them it was the opportunity to find once again, with lots of nostalgia, a climate of true brotherhood and friendship, by immerging themselves in the simple life that was very significant for each one of them. For us it was nice to see the guys that were like us, let down by life, with various problems and disadvantages that today, after having found stability, continue to protect and live the Christian life and the values that they learned in Community.
We enriched ourselves reciprocally by praying and sharing the Gospel, thus getting to know each other more as friends and entrusting ourselves to the prayers of the others.
We thank the Lord, the Community, and Mother Elvira for all the goodness that we have received and continue to receive.
Happy greetings from all the “Cenacolini” and from all the “sons” of the fraternity “Our Lady of Knock”!

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