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Open Day in England

On Sunday, May 5th, we celebrated the eighth eight-year anniversary of the house in England

The fraternity is called “Our Lay Queen of the Martyrs,” because this very place served as a hideaway for several priests during the years of persecution against the Catholic Church by the Protestant/Anglican reform; and some of them were eventually killed and are now venerated as martyrs.
Around twelve men of different nationalities live in the fraternity. Upon our arrival from Italy, Brother Jerome and I, Brother Massimo, found the fraternity ready to welcome us and celebrate this occasion. The fraternity was refreshed not only in its walls, but also in the Spirit, thanks to the guys of the house and the faithful friends that for years have been following the Community.
Various parents of the foreign guys in the house also came from Italy, Germany, and Slovakia; and, together with the parents from England, we lived beautiful moments of sharing and prayer.
Sunday was the day of the fest, and from the early morning people from England, Wales and Scotland filled the house. It was a beautiful day - without the typical English rain - that permitted us to celebrate the day to its full potential.
In the afternoon, the Bishop of Lancaster, SER Mons. Michael Campbell celebrated the Holy Mass for us. It touched us to feel such friendship from his part; it also touched us that he gave a part of his homily in Italian. Dear Monsignor, we thank you very much for having demonstrated to us your friendship. Also, we thank all of the priests that spiritually sustain this fraternity.
We were very happy for the presence of the numerous friends and neighbors with whom we are always building a more truthful and more beautiful friendship. We are grateful to the Lord for allowing us to experience, even in this little English Cenacolo, the Holy Spirit that works in and gives joy and life to many lives in need of light and hope. Thank you.


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