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The “Servants for love” meeting at Certosa di Pesio

This year for the “Missionaries—Servants for love” meeting Maria wanted to give us a gift by bringing us to Certosa di Pesio that, for the occasion, was covered by a thick layer of snow which rendered the landscape quieter and more beautiful than usual—perfect of prayer and meditation. The days were filled with intense prayer and reflection on the Word of God. There were many of us: around 180 guys came from the various fraternities around the world.
The topic of the meeting was “Peter’s walk: what a man can do for God, what God can make of a man”. Thanks to the various catechisms we discovered that Peter’s walk is similar to each one of our own because it is a walk of faith. It was nice to learn more about his life while the Church was awaiting its new Pope.
The days began at 7:30 with Morning Prayer, then breakfast and the walking rosary (even in the snow). Afterwards there were catechisms in which our priests helped us day by day to understand the different steps of Peter’s faith: his encounter with Jesus, his first difficulties, his denial of Jesus, and his “resurrection”.
After a moment of silence and reflection, we celebrated the Mass at 11:00.
In the afternoon, during the Hour of Divine Mercy, we had adoration all together. Afterwards there was condivision--first in small groups and then all together—in which various brothers shared on their experiences, difficulties, and growths that they have lived.
Wednesday was dedicated to repentance, thus also to confession and freeing ourselves from “compromises”; each one of us wrote a letter in which we asked forgiveness for the mistakes we had made.
That afternoon was very joyful because Mother Elvira, who came despite the snow, was with us during the adoration. At the end of the prayer everyone sang “we believe, thanks to you!” and it was a very moving moment.
Friday March 8 was the anniversary of Mother Elvira’s entry into convent life as well as the Fest of the woman; Don Stefano gave a beautifully moving catechism on the value of the woman and the importance, for us as well, to defend life. Mother Elvira came for Holy Mass, and we lived some nice, simple moments with her, with singing and group photos. Mother Elvira was very joyful, throwing us candy and chocolate. It was a wonderful family moment.
On Friday evening, while marching with candles and praying for each house in the Community, we thanked the Madonna for all the profound moments that we had lived during the week. At the end of the procession we burned the repentance letters that we had written.
On Saturday morning the Bishop of Saluzzo, S.E.R. Mons. Giuseppe Guerrini, celebrated the Holy Mass with us. He entrusted the “ministry of the reader” to Peter, Jerome, and Marco, all of whom are on the path to priesthood. In the afternoon Mother Elvira welcomed us at the House of Formation in Pagno, and we thanked her for these days that the Community had given to us.
It was a beautiful, important week for each one of our walks. May we thank God and ask that he make us more generous and docile to His will, as He did with the apostle Peter.

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