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Second Eucharistic Congress of Jacksonville

Second Eucharistic Congress of Jacksonville Florida
“Come to the feast” March 8-9

This year we were invited to represent the Way of the Cross at the Eucharistic Congress of the Diocese of St. Augustine to which we belong. The presentation was held in a large auditorium and a lot of people came, perhaps because of the fact that we are in the Year of Faith, we are in Lent and also because it was the weekend before the Conclave. Overall it was a nice moment of prayer that helped us to appreciate more and more the presence of the Eucharist in our lives through the great gift of Adoration.
It was not easy to represent the Way of the Cross, because there were several readings for each Station and then we had a meditation and a song between each station. The guys and girls where really engaged in the practice done in the previous weeks, and at the end it went really well.
We started with the Last Supper and followed by the Way of the Cross; the whole thing lasted about an hour, but it was really touching. We have touched the hearts of a lot of people and many even cried, because it is one thing to read the Way of the Cross from a booklet, but  another to see it represented, seeing everything that was done to Jesus.
We want to repeat this Way of the Cross presentation for the meeting of the families that we will have in a few weeks. Whenever we represent the life of Jesus it is always a revived faith in a visual way, and this helps us to enter more and more into this mystery.
With joy we thank our guys and girls of the houses in Florida, and for all of their effort.
Albino and Joyce

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