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Ivana and Petar’s wedding in Peru

Villa el Salvador 14/10/2012

Dearest Mother Elvira and all,

“EI AMOR, todo lo cree, todo lo espera, todo lo soporta.”

With much joy and gratitude in our hearts, we are with you to tell the latest Peruvian news. On the night before the wedding we received a wonderful surprise when Father Stefano arrived, along with Sister Jennifer and brother Georg arrived. The Community is such a gift, because it allows us to live the joy of not always knowing straight away what’s going to happen so that we can then experience real joy in the moment in which we find out. Two of our “aunties”, Marion and Lucia, from our mission in Mogi (Brasil) arrived, and two of our “aunties”, Sandra and Ewelina, arrived from the mission in Mexico and we couldn’t have done without our dear “uncle” Davide from the mission in Argentina along with Isac, a Mexican boy also from that house. Well it really was a typical party, South American style, to share the joy of Ivana and Petar’s wedding. Early in the morning everyone was already on track, especially the bride, accompanied by her testimony “aunt” Laura. One of the greatest gifts of the day was that we could see Mother Elvira and the sisters through Skype, for an explosion of joy, from the songs to the thanksgiving, making us feel the heart of the Community close in each moment.
There was also the Peruvian touch: at 11.30 in the morning the bridal car still hadn’t arrived, “a white and a little bit worn out beetle” that belonged to our pediatrician Dr. Michael, it still hadn’t come (Peruvian time as always…”Ahorita vengo, no te preocupes!!!”). Finally at 1.30pm we left altogether to go Casica for la boda (wedding) at least a second before the bride; the groom, when he saw us asked: has she left??? At the church at Casica there were already many people: friends, neighbours, priests, sisters and children, the church was feasting, and at the arrival of the bride accompanied by “uncle” Davide the songs begun. We had the joy of the presence of our dear P.Paci, the bishop of Lima, who allowed ather Stefano to celebrate the mass. Greeting him Father Stefano said, in a very friendly way: “Here he is one of the “guilty” for our presence here in Peru!”; he thanked everyone and he reminded us that it is a great joy to be able to celebrate a wedding here, in a place where love, friendship and life with children has grown; this is God’s family, even stronger than the blood bond because we are all part of this family.
Our children and teenagers participated in everything, with the readings, the prayers of the faithful, and the offertory. It was nice to see their lives transformed, without being afraid of reading infront of the others; the beauty was to see them free and happy to participate, while the group of little ones from Villa el Salvador were seated “Community style” on the esteras (carpet) made of straw infront of the altar, with the highchairs for the smallest ones and someone’s arms for Fatima (12 days old), the newest arrival; she arrived the day before, the beginning of the year of faith… her name says it all! Half way through the Holy Mass the small children had fallen asleep: it was time for their siesta, rightly so!
During his homily, Father Stefano reminded them spouses that the first spouse is Jesus who before anything married humanity, the church; without Him the love between Ivana and Petar wouldn’t exist, that today on this very important day they’re happy, a little bit different from when they entered in Community…they weren’t all that happy.
Also the presence of P.Drago, a Croatian priest who is a friend who helped them a lot with all of their documents. Father Stefano said: “It’s so nice to see that also a piece of faith from your own country is here; even if your parents aren’t here there are many friends, missionaries, sisters, families and children who have experienced life, joy, struggles, the wait and trust with you.”
After the Holy Mass, outside of the church, among the flying rose and flower petals (prepared by “uncle” Miscio) there was the typical peruvian Moto-taxi driven by Teofisto, the owner and neighbour/friend of the house, full of frills and milk cans attached everywhere, ready to take the spouses home, and… like any good Croatian, “uncle” Ivan waved the Croatian flag….it was almost as big as the moto-taxi!
The party continued at Rayo de Luz, under the super toldo built by Miguel our blacksmith and put up by our “uncles” in the garden, with many tables prepared lovingly by the “aunties” and the children….and also the providence of chefs and friends who served lunch! To welcome the married couple there was a group of children and teenagers who danced the marinera, a typical and elegant peruvian dance. How could we forget about the waltz with the bride; here in Peru everyone must dance with the bride, but only the bravest ones did; there was who knew how to dance and those who were “as stiff as a plank” but who tried all the same… it was brief but funny. And then lunch was served, from the peruvian music to the spouses and the children who danced on the lawn and the friends all under the marquee: it was a beautiful moment “de compartir” (to share) as they say in Peru.
At the end, by now it was dark, to finish it off with a few laughs there was a nice sketch with Cupid (“uncle” Pepe) and Our Lady (“aunt” Valentina) telling the story of Ivana and Petar falling in love here in Perù: 45 minutes of laughter for good digestion. And to finish… the bride and groom had a surprise: a marinera learned and danced by them, wearing the traje (typical dress); and this time uncle Pero really shocked us!
Thanks to everyone for the prayers, for the friendship and the unity which we breathed and felt from afar!
Saturday evening we had the great joy of a missionary evening in Villa Salvador with the aunties arrived; uncles Davide, Georg and Isac prepared a nice pizza for everyone and at the end we had adoration together… by candlelight, because the electricity was off from 6 pm to 11 pm; it was a nice moment, with candles, torchlights and lamps. At the end, like always, we prayed all together on the roof; Father Stefano blessed Villa el Salvador with Jesus in the Eucharist, then slowly slowly we passed through all the children’s rooms to bless each one of them. It’s beautiful to be many and to share family life, feeding, changing diapers, holding torches, making pizzas, washing plates, putting children to bed, preparing the comedor (dining room), preparing the chapel… What a joy to be able to give life in the small things, and to live all of this together!
A big hug from everybody in Peru… lugar mejor del mundo!

Uncles, aunties, children, families and sisters from Peru

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