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Meeting in England

The month of May took flight in England with the celebration of the 7 year  anniversary of the fraternity, “Our Lady of Martirs”.  We were blessed in its preparation:  Divine Providence was at hand thanks to the Salasian Sisters.  They opened the doors to their convent by offering room and board and where we welcomed the parents inviting them to share prayer time within the convent.  We celebrated  Holy Mass, prayed the rosary and the Divine Mercy Chapelet.  The next day the parents and friends of community were invited to our house where we attended the arrival of Bishop Mons. Michael Campbell and other priests that have followed the men in community since the openning of this house.
During the Eucharistic Celebration the Bishop blessed the new home that the men had constructed these past few months.
In the afternoon we prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet and we shared our testimonies where the parents also spoke about their experiences.
Following the celebration in England, we visited Scotland, where a community prayer group has contributed with their prayers and by guiding men and women into entering community.  We were able to give witness to finding true life in Christ and how the gift of faith irradiates hope and stregnth.   This encourages parents to walk towards the light of Christ alongside their sons and daughters.

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