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Feast of St. Joseph

(...) As soon I got back from Peru, I spent two days in Florida, and then we went to Alabama to prepare for our Feast of St Joseph, the first anniversary of the opening of Our Lady of Joyful Hope. When we arrived, the guys had already set up the stage in our back yard. They were rehearsing a lot to prepare the music for Mass and to do the Mask dance. I found the house in a pretty good spirits. All the house was committed to the work that had to be done. It was good to see that even the young guys were working hard. Most important, most of the guys seem pretty happy. On Thursday a few guys arrived from MI and OLOH, and the girls of Maria Goretti came, too. We wanted to give them the opportunity to live this special day together so that everyone could appreciate this gift.
On Friday, with Joyce and Bishop Baker, we did an interview at EWTN for two of the shows of “Women of Grace” that will be aired sometime in April. Then finally on Saturday we had our celebration. Of course, our good friend Bishop Baker celebrated Mass. All together, there were a couple of hundred people, mostly friends of the Community from the local area, who have been so good to us from the first day we got there. We gave a lot of thanks for the many blessings received in a short time there and how much everyone welcomed us at open arms. After the Mass, the girls did a dance and the guys did the Mask dance, with Aidan doing some great flips! Both did very well and the people were very touched by what they saw. Then we had a nice lunch for everyone, our famous pasta al forno and little squares of pizza, plus our friends are so kind that they brought delicious homemade desserts, which our guys really enjoyed on this Solemnity of St Joseph! We ended the day with the rosary and sent all our guests home with joy in their hearts. After everyone left, we sent the guys off to play a very well deserved soccer game that they didn’t expect but really enjoyed! Most of us who came from Florida stayed there on Sunday and went to the Shrine with all the guys in the afternoon for the televised benediction and a nice walking rosary on the Shrine grounds. It was all a real gift!


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