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Missionary Sisters of the Resurrection

The Annunciation Day –  March 25, 2010

Dear friends,
We want to share with you the joy we experienced on March 25. All the young women from the houses in Italy gathered together in the fraternity at Envie with Mother Elvira and all the sisters of the Community who, in these days, have reunited in the House of Formation from their respective missions. This is all due to the fact that the Church has finally recognized the Family of the Sisters of the Cenacolo Community. They are the fruit of the Community’s charisma!
Within the big Cenacolo family, this new little family of young women was born: following the example of Mother Elvira, they have felt the call of Jesus to “marry” Him, to follow Him forever, in order to love all those the Community serves. They have answered ‘Here I am!’ as Mary and Mother Elvira did.
Recognizing the Community as an International Association of believers last October, the Church,  indicated what the Sisters’ role would be within this big family: a path of faith, joy, service, prayer for each one of as and specifically for the young women called to religious life.
From the Cenacolo Community’s tree of life, the bud of the Female Consecrated Life has blossomed and today the Church has recognized this special flower.
We thank our Bishop Giuseppe Guerrini very much for his open and welcoming heart and for approving our Community in his diocese. The bishop celebrated the Mass at Envie this morning. Following the homily, he read the decree which pronounced his approval of our Community in his diocese; then, he then handed the decree to Mother Elvira who remained there astonished.
It was only in 1999 when the religious life was born in the heart of God and then conceived in the Community with the opening of the House of Formation for the women religious and today, “the Missionaries Sisters of Resurrection,” the name that Mother Elvira chose for this newborn of the Cenacolo Community, was blessed by the Church and finally has a face and a name!!!

Please pray for us and above all for our Sisters, so that a shower of the Holy Spirit and godly light may fall on the path of these beloved daughters and spouses of Jesus.
We ask Mary that our Missionaries Sisters of the Resurrection may be women in-love with God and with life, may be courageous servants of Christ for many brothers and sisters, and that they may be joyful sisters who bring hope to all. Mary, make us ever more capable of saying ‘Here I am!’ anytime God asks us something!


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