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Pilgrimage to Medjugorje

About a hundred and twenty people , parents ,friends of the Community and youth, guided by Father Massimo spent three intense days’ pilgrimage to Our Lady ;we met the Community and were  welcomed by the boys and girls of the Cenacolo.

Mother Elvira embraced each of us ,one by one at the start of the new year, making us feel children loved and waited for in our Community, where many of our children are on their way to resurrection.

We listened to testimonies at the “Camp of Joy” where we were told about the adventurous start  of the girls’ house, about  the bricks that, one after the other  formed a building and meanwhile the hearts of the boys who worked at it were reconstructed because working there they experienced  clean and true joy.

Then we went up the apparition mountain, the Podbrdo, a strong moment for all of us: for those who were going up for the first time, for those who had climbed it many times; each of us left a thought, a prayer ,a request, some tears before Our Lady.

The boys told us about the beginning of the “Camp of Life”, when the few of them lived in tents and  moved the first steps of the great miracle that would occur in that Camp  where thousands of pilgrims come today and are amazed and moved by the stories of the daily resurrection of our children.

The tables full of food and cakes prepared for us by our youth surprised us and made us understand  what  great attention and care those boys and girls can have: young people  we considered  insensitive ,inattentive, intolerant when they lived in the world outside have become alive, smiling; they are themselves  amazed  by the deep change that the Gospa can  perform in their hearts in Medjugorje.

Those days were really intense and we feel deeply grateful to God for all that He performs  in our youth; we are sure that their resurrection is also our resurrection, that they are healed and we are too thanks to this meeting with Life.

Thank you!

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