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Testimony at Paray le Monial

When you get at Paray le Monial you  really feel I peace because the ancient little town protects
a unique message : the Sacred Heart f Jesus! In this place the sacred Heart of Jesus, our Lord ,appeared to a Visitandina  sister, Marguerite Marie Alacocque, offering itself to all mankind as  the Heart that has loved and still loves. So Paray has become a the destination of pilgrimages and meetings organized by the Emmanuel Community.
The Cenacolo has been regularly invited to one of these meetings for a few years now. This year a group of our youth took part in a session for teenagers( 13-17). “YES WE CAN” was our shared slogan. We spent  two days praying and organizing games ,sketches ,debates. The days started giving praise unto God  and went on with catecheses and workshops on social, cultural and religious topics :this because many youth were still far from praying and needed to be taken to it with friendship and wisdom.
Many teenagers really touched us because  of the depth of their thoughts and of their  prayers grown thanks to prayer groups; for others it was the first time there so they were curious  and some needed to be listened to and supported: “normal” young people walking towards something “certain”. During one evening meeting about Mercy  we all organized some  “listening groups”: youth listening to other youth taking about their doubts, worries, disillusionments, family problems .The young people were afterwards invited to Confession. An extraordinary evening  looking for Jesus. Father Stefano gave testimony on God’s  Mercy and Love in our Community and after this many people wanted  to know more. Every night  we went to the Apparition Chapel to pray before the mosaic  showing the meeting between Marguerite Marie and Jesus.
Paray le Monial is much ore than this: it’s an Open Heart that calls each of us to live life and love in fullness.

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