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Parents meeting-Divine Mercy Sunday

Today, April 19, was a day full of love and joy, in which we found ourselves with parents from all over Italy to celebrate the Divine Mercy Sunday and to share together the joy of the Risen Lord.
A powerful moment of this morning was the testimony of one of “our” families coming from Aquila, who shared with us how in a moment this difficult which they are passing, the Lord is close and sustains those who trust in him, making them carriers of hope.
From the administrative center in Abruzzo arrived to us a very touching letter from another family that has a son in Community, of which we will
attach an excerpt to this article.
Another surprise was the afternoon announcement of a new fraternity that will open in Alexandria in the following months, and it’s also a house that has a rich story of concrete “signs” of the will of God.
Let’s thank Jesus for his mercy, for the beautiful things that were lived by many families in this day, for the hope that he gives to those suffering from the earthquake and for the gift of another house where lots of youth will return to smiling.

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